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The FCC Just Ate your Cat, the Disappearance of BOO and Net Neutrality

We pay more for internet services here in the US than anywhere else on earth, but come in shockingly low in speed–number 30. Yes, much like health care, we pay vast amounts more for hospital socks and the show Lizard Lick Towing then say Bulgaria, and the Republic of Moldova.

But the biggest kick in the pants, is that innovation (that thing that is driving the US economy and what spurred up the internet, that puffy dog, BOO’s ability to support his human family with a book and millions of FB followers, and the 3.8 million cat photos shared daily) is now being squashed by the companies that can pay for faster download speed.

Do you think Grumpy, Maru, Snoopy, Streetcar Bob, and Colonel Meow would even have a chance at stardom if we had to wait for Nora to..? We would never know…because it would take too long to download.

So Bye bye Maru, thigh gaps, 23 Reasons why Emma Stone is a dream best friend, Is it better to be a tech worker in LA or SF (Really? That’s even a question? If your asking yourself this, I would probably look at some other options.) and finally goodbye to that tear jerker Home Depot marriage proposal–oh wait, now that one would probably download faster than fire catches onto a hairy wood chip.

So to quote the great John Oliver–formerly of the Daily Show and now on Last Week Tonight on HBO:

“The Cable companies have figured out the great truth of Anmerica, if you want to do something evil, put it inside something boring.”

SO if we want to protect our Nora air time or any other human, feline up and comers, let the FCC know what you think, they are taking comments for 120 days– so in the spirit of this great nation, let’s let them know that they can’t stop my kitty from his freedom of getting as much air time as some other stupid boring cat that is owned by some corporate giant.

Don’t let the FCC eat your Cat, do something about it.
Protect your kitties freedom and let them know that they can’t slow you down:
Advocates of Net Neutrality visit and let them know your thoughts:

* A special thank you to John Oliver for explaining Net Neutrality in such a mind numbingly boring way

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