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Death by Laughter: Seriouser Than You Think

You know we are all going to die someday, honestly it’s not the funniest of topics, but on the other hand, isn’t laughing in the face of death the ultimate expression of the power of humor?

But still, sometimes laughter just isn’t funny… after all, it is an involuntary physiological response we do not even understand, so it stands to reason that humans will find a way to abuse it.

For example, “tickle-torture”, which makes people “laugh” from the tickle reflex in order to cause acute suffering has been used throughout the ages including Nazi Germany. That is why I don’t soak my feet in salt and stick them in my goat cage. Right?!?

Okay, so that Nazi stuff is so definitely not funny!

But then we get into the whole “dying of laughter” thing and we have some reasons for optimism.

For example, laughter can just as easily be used against Nazi Germany as we see from the World War II video footage above.

And really it goes way back. Take the story of Chrysippus. Like, imagine you are some type of Farmer/Philosopher and you decide it would be fun to get your donkey drunk on wine.  I’m sure that could be funny, let’s face it. Well then you feed the donkey and watch as the poor animal makes a messy clown of itself. I get it, yes harmless fun, drunk donkey sounds like something that probably happens a lot…

Well be careful laughing at drunk donkeys dude, Chrysippus lost his life by laughing himself to death at the sight of his own drunk ass.

Donkey's ear

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