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Get Chukles for iOS Download Chukles on the App Store

Chukles v.1.0 Announcement

Posted by | February 28, 2014 | General Funny | No Comments

You’ve Got a Laugh!

Mobile Social Humor with Chukles.

Like the High School sweetheart that got away, Chukles is funny, good looking, and social.

Unlike your ex, Chukles is an addictive Social Humor Game that lets you safely and “Frenonymously” share your funnies without getting in trouble with “the Boss” — If you know what I mean…

Social humor is the latest craze, and you will be in total control with your own personal “Comedy Control Panel.”

Are you funny? You’re about to find out! Rise above the crowd, and be deemed most “ChukleWorthy” and be variously festooned with perks and badges and what not including highlights of your content and avatar in the Chukles Daily, Weekly, Satireday, and Punday email newsletters.

This version of Chukles features:

– ChukleVision Location Based Humor to augment your reality with humor. Turn on ChukleVision to see what is funny near you right now!

– Get Famous or Stay “frenonymous” — optional anonymity means you can safely share some of your edgier stuff without getting in trouble!

– Build your comedy “star” with your own Channel on Chukles — the newest, coolest humor platform in the AppStore!

– Upload your funny pictures, videos and jokes, then securely share them with selected friends, or post them for the world to see on Twitter and Facebook.

– Find and share funny jokes, pictures, videos with your friends by forming “Humor Alliances”

– Improve your HumorScore and dominate other Humor Alliances by sharing the funniest stuff with just the right people.

About Chukles Johnny

Johnny Chukles is the guy behind the Chukles App -- aka John McMahon. Johnny likes to make software and also write about all the weird stuff he finds out from reading too much internet.

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Get Chukles for iOS Download Chukles on the App Store
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