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It’s Official: Night People are Psychos

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The Benefits of Being a “Morning Person” Not only is getting started early the official way to get ahead but it also includes distinct innate pleasures such as watching the orange fire of sunrise pierce the night sky, long before the City collectively slumps towards its workday. Getting up early means laying there in the…

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Chukles v.1.2.0 aka: “Blind Wingman” Available Now!

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Speaking of utopia, the Chukles Social Humor app for iOS release, code-named “Blind Wingman” is the result of Humor Me Inc. Skunkworks Project “Hamster Apocalypse”. To download the “Blind Wingman” release, press your whatever on this button: We’ve been hard at work combining the best of social with the best…

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Chukles Humor App: “Tantric Sweatpants”

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In anticipation of the latest “gold star” release of the Chukles Social Humor App for iOS, the humor-sphere is abuzz with pre-announce speculation on the nature of the sleek new beast straining against its chains for release… assuming that by “chains” you mean various Appstore Submittal & Review processes. Rumors…

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