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Aziz Ansari Testing Jokes using Demographic Profiling and Analytics

Posted by | July 10, 2013 | General Funny | One Comment

Turns out Aziz Ansari has a touch of Tom Haverford in him — the part that will do whatever it takes to successfully market new ideas.

Aziz is taking a methodical approach to Joke development and content delivery using a scientific approach. He started by segregating his audiences based upon demographic (self-reported) profiles. He then follows up on his experiment by presenting the audience with a targeted set of material, and tracking and analyzing the audience reaction and plugging it in to his funny-ass brain for use in future joke writing.

Here he is lining up audiences and/or profiling them for his NYC show.

Aziz Ansari uses data

Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) knows that data is king!

Aziz — who unsurprisingly sports a Marketing degree — is on the bleeding edge of the Humor Revolution. Through mobile apps like Chukl.es and other technology soon all of our Humor will be catered to our tastes and sensibilities. Or we’ll all be dead after the apocalypse. Either way.

According to this Fast Company article, the idea of Comedians using Chukles-like analytics to perfect their Jokes is entering the mainstream:

Imagine if, instead of simply being a sign-up form for Ansari’s WIP shows, the page were used to test jokes. He could promise fans an exclusive clip in exchange for entering their demographic data then serve different videos of him working with new material based on the info the visitor entered–one video for single millennials, another for married baby boomers, etc. After watching the video, the fan would be asked to rate the clip. Of course, reading ratings probably isn’t as valuable for a professional comic as taking the temperature of a room, so Ansari could even get really creepy and ask fans to let him record their reaction on audio or video. Then he could use machine-learning algorithms to analyze the recordings for laughter, pupil dilation, and even heart rate changes!

Regardless of whether Aziz steps up to the high bar set by his Parks and Recreation character Tom Haverford in the creative business development department, it seems likely that this adorable king of comedy will continue to drive his craft and build his success using the best tools at his disposal.

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